Thursday, May 17, 2007

The local church can . . .

. . . send missionaries - That's right, the local church can actually send missionaries! The local church is uniquely positioned to do just that. Our church has just commissioned our first missionary. We have set up a Sending Council. We have re-formatted our missions resources. We have developed a comprehensive approach to missiology. We have made a commitment to be a supportive, pro-active missional congregation.

. . . collaborate with others in missions - We haven't had to throw out the baby with the bath water to accomplish this. We are still supporting our traditonal missions enterprises. We still give financially to various boards and agencies that have historically received our missions dollars. We also have partnered with some key churches to develop a collaborative effort in this missions endeavor. We are committed to significant partnerships in order to pool our resources when possible in order to accomplish the advancement of the kingdom.

. . . develop glocal strategy - We also haven't had to sacrifice our local church and missions efforts in order to begin sending missionaries. As a matter of fact, our local commitments are growing. We are working to accommodate our church's growth in the midst of focusing our efforts on the world's needs. I believe this is the blessing of God!

. . . do whatever God leads you to do - Yes, I believe you can do whatever God leads you to do. The local church is the center of God's activity in the world. He has chosen to work through the church. What a privilege for us! We are "in on" what God is doing! That is an awesome truth and it brings serious responsibility with it. We must be good stewards of God's blessing.

Your local church is a special place. Your church can . . .!


Dennis R. Wiles