Monday, December 27, 2010

Goodbye 2010

So, 2010 is winding down. What a year!

On the personal side, this has been an eventful 12 months. Our kids are both in college ($$$). My Mom is doing well -- particularly for her 88 years! She is adjusting to life without my Dad. However, on Christmas Eve, my sister died. So, we are trusting God to care for all concerned.

Cindy's Dad is doing well over in Georgia. He is in his eighties as well -- but in pretty good health.

On the ministerial side, life is busy but productive. This year has been one filled with meaningful investments of our time and energy. We have sent cross-cultural workers to Asia (4) and Africa (2). Cindy and I have traveled to Africa (twice) and to Hawaii for the Baptist World Alliance meeting. I led a tour of Rome back in February (tough assignment, but someone has to do it). We have seen significant growth and maturity in our work across the world.

Cindy's leadership at GCPN has been amazing to observe. She tirelessly leads people in so many arenas toward the accomplishment of the Great Commission. I get tired just watching her! I'm blessed to have her as my life partner in ministry and my soul mate in life.

I have loved watching my church mature in 2010. We have been reading God's Word together in a daily reading plan that we call The Word of God for The People of God. We have been enriched by this experience of reading through both the Old and New Testaments. We have witnessed many spiritual victories because of the power of God's Word in the lives of His people. We had a rich and meaningful Lenten journey in 2010 as we learned more about Life on The Jesus Way.

Our church staff is growing both spiritually and in ministry. God has blessed us in 2010 with a sense of unity and purpose together as leaders for our church family. We had an inspiring and insightful retreat led by sociologist Michael Lindsay. We have been reading and studying together about leadership and the impact of the Gospel on the culture. We continue to reap benefits from the spiritual conversations, ministry planning and relationship building that we enjoy together.

2010 has been a very good year in many respects. I am truly blessed.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Auburn is playing for the National Championship!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Transformed Along The Way

I've given a lot of thought recently to the essence of what it means to follow The Jesus Way. I have studied the New Testament and consulted various books and articles. I believe the crucial word that embodies what is supposed to happen to all followers is transformation.

At FBC Arlington, we have dedicated 2011 to an analysis of transformation. We are going to isoloate 6 spiritual growth areas and learn how our lives are supposed to be transformed by following The Jesus Way.

More to follow . . .